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Offering new way of education based on student skills, creativity and advanced technique in a way to achieve their goals in record time.

We consider Egypt of the best places if we are talking about the passion for education, so we Were extremely interested because of some stats we found while we are doing our study like young population (50% are under 30), culturally rich and welcoming location, substantial ongoing government, investment and support, sustainable low cost of doing business.

Delivering great education, accessibly and affordably to everyone, by offering the best solutions at education sector and give a chance to millions to see their dream come true.

Students people interested in art and fashion.

We can explain this part in our next meeting while it is still under process, regarding the fashion diploma it will be lunched first.

We can explain this part in our next meeting while it is still under process, but for sure it will be affordable prices as per our vision.

The courses will be around 3 months. And the diploma will be around one year.

Currently we are working on this part UK, USA and for sure the ministry of education in Egypt.

First of all the advances E-learning solution will be one of the best in the region offering Video classes and streaming classes and the opportunity to have a practical classes in the academy for the online students, then we will help our graduated student to start their career. We also offer the opportunity to instructors ( free lancers ) to use our location and platform to build up their own classes, in order to give our students the chance to exchange knowledge and experience with others and offer diversified classes.

Al Fashion schools or academies, training centers, etc.

Our vision is to offering education in continuity of learning and skills promoting for all. And our mission is to refining talents and helping people starting new career ( make the impossible possible by learning ).